Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Deliberately Untold Black Story

     With all the media attention in the last couple of weeks on whether or not George Zimmerman would be found guilty of fatally shooting black teen, Treyvon Martin, the small minds at the highest levels of what passes for journalistic organizations in this country, have missed a positive story about a black teen. To Witt: In Lancastetr, Pennsylvania a black teen named Temar Boggs and his friends rescued five year old Jocelyn Rojas from a would be kidnapping and a certain molestation and possible death at the hands of a monster. Temar and his friends joined in a city-wide manhunt after the girl was taken. When they spotted the suspect's car, they began to follow it on their bicycles. The man, after seeing he was being followed, pushed Jocelyn out of the car. She was then scooped up by Temar and delivered safely back to her family.
      I only mention this story because the national main stream media will not make as big a fuss about a black teen saving a girl's life as they made about a young black teen losing his life after a confrontation with neighborhood watch that turned violent. Not to mention that the small-minded media will not mention the 61 black teens that died in the city of Chicago, just during the George Zimmerman trial. But the names of those black teens will not be known to anyone but their families and the coroner.
     The media will never make a fuss over a black teen saving a little girl because it does not serve their Leftist political agenda to characterize blacks as victims of white, male Conservatives. And the 61 black Chicago teens that were murdered senselessly by members of their own race, does not fit the political agenda of the Leftist media either. You see, in order for Democrats and the rest of the Left to keep blacks on their plantation, they must convince them that they are helpless victims of Conservative, white America and their only hope is to keep electing Democrats to public office. Stories of rugged individualism and self-reliance, like Temar Boggs, are a poison to the Leftist cause of creating dependence on government from manufactured victim groups.
     It is sad that the Leftist media only portrays blacks as victims and refuses to acknowledge the millions of stories like Temar Boggs that show blacks as independent and strong. But then, if the media and the rest of the Left strayed from this narrative, black America may bust the chains of dependence that the Democrat party has put them in and throw off the shackles of helplessness and victim hood and truly participate in the freedom and liberty the founders envisioned for all men. This, of course, would be the end of the Democrat party whose death knell comes with the appearance of such freedom and liberty.

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