Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Transformative President

     Many Conservatives have accused Barack Obama of throwing the founding principles of this great country overboard and working against the intent of the founders. They almost say it as if it is going to cause the most Leftist president in our history to change his behavior for fear of being on the opposite side of freedom and liberty than the founders. But Conservatives criticism of the President's infidelity to the founding principles is only evidence to Mr. Obama that he is having success reaching his goal of "fundamentally transforming America" as he set out to do during the 2008 presidential campaign. In fact it was the only goal he set for himself that he has made any attempt to achieve.
     The modern Leftist ideology has its basis in the antithesis of the founding principles and values of this country, so no modern day Leftist will see criticism of his non-adherence to such values as anything but a flower in the lapel of his tyranny. Simply put, Leftism's success is based on increasing the number of dependent citizens and decreasing the number of wealthy ones. It is an ideology which seeks to manufacture evils like global warming and "social inequality," instead of dealing with real evils like radical Islamist terrorism. Leftism thrives on class-warfare, race-warfare and sex and age warfare to grow the size of government to a level that is never big enough to accommodate their political aspirations.
     The enemy of Barack Obama's Leftism is the foundation of liberty upon which our fore fathers built the structure of the people's government. That is why our current President must transform the founding from one of freedom and limited government to one of a smaller citizen and a larger central power that resides in his government. President Obama is not a man who believes in the rule of law taking precedent over his rule of radical change that he has decided is best for people who can not be trusted with the liberty and freedom granted to them as a birthright by their fore fathers who fought a revolution and created the greatest documents of free people ever written. The U.S Constitution and Declaration of Independence are seen as dangerous by the modern Left because they limit the power of government to what the governed decide, and bestows free people with virtually unlimited rights that come from God and can not be taken away by government.
     It is unfortunate that for the better part of two generations, the Left has controlled what is taught to children in our public schools. Many people, through no fault of their own, do not understand the founding principles of this country, which produced the greatest nation in human history and whose freedom and limited government has created the most advancement in the human condition ever. And this is what is at stake if Barack Obama's transformation is allowed to continue virtually unfettered as it has over the last four plus years. Our freedom and liberty is not for us alone, but has driven the same all over the world. And with the ability of free people to create and participate in economic freedom, comes wealth and prosperity for the greatest number of citizens. In such systems, the need for government is mitigated, and the limited government that is necessitated from that mitigation is an enemy to the political philosophy of people on the Left like Barack Obama.

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