Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Post-Nuclear Option America

     The effects of Harry Reid and Senate Democrats' power grab on Thursday of this week in eliminating filibusters of Presidential nominees, will not only allow the President to have a rubber stamp for any radical to which he wishes to hand the reigns of democracy, it will also have the effect of changing the function of that once esteemed body. Beyond the shameless hypocrisy of Democrats like Mr. Reid, Mrs. Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and others, who vociferously objected to the nuclear option in 2005 when Republicants controlled the Senate, is the distinction between the House of Representatives and the Senate being obliterated.
     For more than two hundred and thirty years, the senate filibuster has been the mechanism to prevent the tyranny of the majority, apparently something that is not so important to Democrats now that they are the majority. The founders created the two chambers of congress to be very different. The House of Representatives was the immediate body where a simple majority ruled. The Senate was the deliberate body where a single member could and should be able to prevent a vote based on principle and constitutional ethics. With the implementation of the nuclear option, Harry Reid has made the United States Senate irrelevant to its founding charter and unnecessary in the legislative process.
     The nuclear option implementation is a calculated risk by Democrats because they fear the loss of the senate in next November's mid-term election. With all the audio available of Democrats calling the nuclear option un-democratic and against the spirit of our founding documents, they run the risk of not only looking hypocritical, but they also risk exposing the under garments of their tyrannical nature. The fact that they have done this now and not in 2009 when Barack Obama was inaugurated, is a sign that they think the ObamaCare debacle has hurt them politically, and will hurt them in the near future. The damage that can be done in the next year with uncontested nominees from this President is immeasurable.
     I would suggest to Republicants running in next Fall's mid-term election to run against ObamaCare and for restoring the integrity of the senate by reversing the nuclear option once they have wrestled the majority away from Harry Reid and his band of authoritarians. The nuclear option not only changes a fundamental way in which the United States Senate has operated since its founding, but illustrates in stark terms Democrats' disdain and contempt for the founding principles of this great nation.

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