Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Continuing Adventures Of EPA Oppression

     There is hardly an American over the age of twenty one and in possession of cognitive abilities who does not realize that the bureaucracy known as the Environmental Protection Agency has outgrown the bounds of decent regulatory authority. The latest oppressive measure to be reined down upon business and residents alike is the draconian regulations on lighting. Of course we are all familiar with the EPA's tyrannical decision to outlaw incandescent light bulbs, in use for well over 100 years, and force Americans to use the mercury-laced compact fluorescent bulbs instead.
     The latest light bulb oppression from the EPA has reared its ugly head in the manufacture and sale of the tube fluorescent bulbs that are available in a variety of sizes. These bulbs are designated by the industry as T12, which the EPA has determined have too much rare earth minerals in their composition. Beginning in July of 2014, the T12 bulbs will no longer be legal to manufacture and sell. This means their replacement, the T8 bulb, must have new fixtures in which to be installed. This regulation, past not by Congress but by the Obamacrats in the EPA, will affect millions of businesses that have T12 fixtures in their offices and manufacturing facilities.
     This new edict from on high, along with previous regulations on light bulbs, will force 97% of all light bulb manufacturing to take place overseas, mainly in China. This will of course facilitate more jobs vacating the sinking ship of the Obama economy. This new wolf of oppression dressed up in the sheep's clothing of environmental concern will be another impediment to growth for American businesses. Having to expend the funds to replace T12 fixtures joins the nails of the worst economy since the 1930s Great Depression and ObamaCare, to affix the lid tightly on the coffin of prosperity in America.  
     The founders of this great nation did not trust government to make very many decisions, hence the severely limiting nature of the Constitution with regards to the federal authority. They would be shocked and dismayed that we have vested so much power in unelected bureaucrats. The power to oppress business and individuals alike, all in the name of the environment of which the Left, in their foolish arrogance, have appointed themselves protectors, is anathema to the founding principles of this country. It is this soft tyranny that grows into full blown oppression that the framers of the constitution were trying to avoid when they drafted the greatest document of freedom the world has ever seen. A document that the current occupant of the White House has betrayed in words and actions, thus violating his oath and disgracing the office entrusted to him by the citizens of this great nation.

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