Saturday, November 9, 2013

...And They Call This Enlightenment ?

     God sits upon his celestial throne today and everyday and laments the American Lefts definition of enlightenment.
     God says, "I whispered my divinity in the ears of James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and other exceptional men, and gave them the words to build the greatest nation since the dawn of time. A nation that advanced the human condition more than any other, and now some men, in order to empower themselves by enslaving others, have sought to extinguish the flame of liberty passed to them through the ages. And they call this enlightenment?"
     God says, "I have given them a planet like no other, full of resources to be used to power their advancement. Oil and gas buried deep in the earth has been called a bane of human existence by some men who wish to transport their society back hundreds of years to the age of windmills. And they call this enlightenment ?"
     God says, "I wave my hand and exhale my breath and change the earth from warm to cold, and every condition in between. Some men have the foolish audacity to believe that they can control that which lies exclusively in My realm, and in so doing they aim to control other men's wealth and their use of the resources I have provided. And they call this enlightenment?"
     God says, "I give them the innocent and beautiful life that only I can create, and they dispose of this life in the abortionist's dark and unholy receptacle of sin. And they call this enlightenment?"
     God says, "I sent them my faithful and devoted servant, Martin Luther King Jr. to speak my truth about the equality of all men. But those charged with carrying his holy mantle forward have made it profane with government by using equality as a means to enrich and empower themselves. And they call this enlightenment?"
     God says, "I burned into stone for Mosses and his people commandments to be followed to live a virtuous and contented life. And after hundreds of generations keeping these words of mine alive, they outlaw it from public display in their edifices of justice that were built with the very words that came from my lips. And they call this enlightenment?"
     God says, "I have given them the wisdom of the aged and the innocence of the young with which to enrich their lives and their culture. But some men have used the young and old alike to confiscate the wealth and property of other men in order to materially enrich themselves at the expense of the young, the old, and everyone in between. And they call this enlightenment?"
     Enlightenment comes from a deeper spiritual understanding, not by eliminating it from the public life of a nation. Enlightenment has its roots in the holiness that is the age of God, not in the profanity of the pop culture of the new age. Enlightenment is not originated, enhanced, or maintained by politicians, but by those with the wisdom that comes from a God-centered life. And finally, enlightenment has as its sisters freedom and liberty, and the fulfillment of every man's soul to choose its path for himself.

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