Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Since When Does The Support Of The Governed Matter To Obama ?

     President Obama's approval rating in a recent CBS poll dipped to 37%, a level at which the main stream media tried to convince the American public that President Bush was no longer able to fulfill the duties of his office because he had lost the confidence of the American people. Of course, President Bush's low approval rating was only accomplished after four years of non-stop bludgeoning by the main stream media. President Obama has gotten his all on his own, the main stream media having carried his water for the better part of five years now.
     Conservatives have been jubilant at the prospect of Barack Obama's approval rating plummeting. I have heard some say it is the beginning of the end for the President. I do not know what that means to a President who has already won re-election, and can not run again. And if these conservatives are alluding to next year's mid-term elections, I do not see any indication or evidence that Democrats in congress will suffer from a low approval rating by the President. If that were true, then the opposite would also be true, and the Republicants would not have been able to take control of the House of Representatives in the 2010 mid-term election at a time when President Obama enjoyed an approval rating over 60%.
     The Democrats may lose control of the senate next November, but it will be vis-a-vis their support for the train wreck that is ObamaCare and not the President's low approval rating. The recent invoking of the nuclear option by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, essentially eliminating the 230  year tradition of the filibuster, is a result of the Democrat leadership seeing a possible loss of the senate next Fall. It is also due to fear of Republicants like Ted Cruz who are actually serious about their duty to the constitution. Make no mistake, the conservative Tea Party wing of the Republicant party is gaining strength, and scaring the hell out of the Washington establishment on both sides of the aisle.
     At this point in Barack Obama's term he has no concern for, or sense of duty to, the approval of the governed. The reason is twofold. One is that with essentially no filibuster in the senate to slow down his agenda, he is free to impose his will with a much lower level of congressional support than any president in the past. The second reason is the signaling of acquiescence by Republicant leadership, who have publicly stated that they refuse to allow another government shutdown for any reason, even to fight for the constitutional integrity of this republic. It is a republic that is currently at a crossroads, to the left is tyranny and to the right is liberty. The path taken depends on how We The People use our dwindling constitutional power to retake the authority granted to us by our founding documents before we become totally subservient to our Washington masters.

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