Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Lethal Leftist Cocktail

     By now, everyone knows that the Obama administration reported the statistics from the ObamaCare exchanges, and the numbers were, well to say the least, underwhelming. But the 106,000 persons who supposedly signed up for ObamaCare included those who put a plan in their online shopping cart, but never proceeded to the checkout to actually purchase the plan. The actual number of persons who went entirely through the process and purchased plans is closer to 25-30 thousand. Whether this methodology was an intentional way for the administration to juke the stats, or whether it was pure ignorance of how online businesses count their sales, it is, nevertheless, illustrative of the one-two punch of Leftism.
     The Left aims to impose their agenda through a cocktail with equal parts deception and ignorance. I can believe that this administration, 80% of whom never worked in the private economy, think that someone placing an item in an online shopping cart is a sale. I can also believe that this administration, 80% for whom honesty is the title of a Billy Joel song and nothing else, would deliberately try to mislead Americans that the President's health care plan is a smaller disaster than it actually is. And therein lies the rub, the pain and debacle of Leftist policies comes as a result of the deliberateness of deception and the ideological ignorance inherent in Leftist thought.
     Added to the deception and ignorance of the Leftist cocktail is a generous amount of arrogance, which prevents the Leftist from allowing the sanitizing light of reality, truth, and facts to constitute any semblance of a set of core principles. The Leftist is set adrift in a sea of political opportunity without the benefit of a rudder with which to steer his ship. For the Leftist, there is no past or future worth concern, there is only the present and its fleeting promises that can be used to gain political power over a free nation. This is the reason that Barack Obama is not concerned with lying to the American people, that and the fact he knows the journalistically impaired media will turn the water of his lies into the wine of truth to be served to an unsuspecting public.
     The lethal cocktail of the Left not only impairs the imbibers' duty to probity and good sense, but its effects are felt throughout our culture as more are influenced by its intoxicating poison. It is time for the sobering-up of our nation with the conservative values which allowed it to become the greatest in history. Values that were so important and as close to divinity as mere men could come, that they were written into our founding documents. We must choose to drink from the eternal spring of liberty instead of the stagnant, tainted water from the well of Leftism.

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