Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Cleveland Police Department Defines Deviancy Down

     A recently disturbing situation involving the Cleveland police department experienced by a friend of mine who owns rental property in the city, once again reminded me of the famous statement by Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan about defining deviancy down. The concept is, that as a society, we accept more and more deviant behavior as normal, and therefore the behavior becomes even more deviant. Over the last few decades, we have not only defined deviancy down in how we deal with inner city problems, but in our entertainment, sports, politics, education, and myriad other areas which define the very essence of who we are as a people. The recent incident I alluded to previously has illustrated how we now have defined deviancy down in law enforcement, the last vestige of civilization. Mr. Moynihan could not have envisioned that the ideology to which he dedicated most of his adult life would be so twisted, bent, corrupted, and hi-jacked as to play a major role in the defining down of deviancy in our culture.
     The incident involved a female tenant of my friend who had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, who subsequently broke two windows in my friend's house and entered for the purpose of winning back his ex-girlfriend. The woman and the friend she lived with were able to chase off the intruder. When my friend called the Cleveland police to report the crime and the man's name and address who perpetrated it, the officer asked him several times if a crime had been committed. Exasperated, my friend asked the officer if violating a restraining order, breaking and entering, and vandalism were not crimes. The officer robotically informed my friend that they were not going to send a car unless a crime was committed.
     This defining criminal deviancy down engaged in by the Cleveland Police Department, God forbid, may lead to the ex-boyfriend being emboldened and escalating his behavior in the future, perhaps even leading to the death of this poor woman. Of course, we then would see all the community activists lighting candles and making impassioned speeches about how more needs to be done to protect women in the city of Cleveland. These same Left-wing activist never once support efforts to give the police the tools and authority they require to rid Cleveland streets of the filth that commit such crimes. In fact, just the opposite is true, the police are blamed for the crime when they follow the politically correct rules imposed upon them, and demonized when they rid the city of criminal filth by causing them to attain room temperature.
     A different item from the Cleveland Police Department, but related to the defining down of criminal deviancy, is the dis-incentive for people to report crimes. If a single house calls the police too much, they are put on a nuisance list and can be fined if they keep calling. So decent people in crime-ridden neighborhoods are kept from reporting crimes by the nuisance ordinance. Also, adding to the dis-incentive to report crime is the Cleveland Police Department's policy of broadcasting over the Internet the names and sometimes addresses of those that report crime, causing law-abiding citizens to fear retribution from the criminals who monitor such broadcasts. While this makes the mayor and other politicians look good because they can crow about "reported" crimes being down in the city, the decent citizens of Cleveland are the innocent victims of this defining deviancy down engaged in by the city leaders of Cleveland.


  1. Although, I admire the cogency and articulation of you articles, I, never-the-less, must raise corrections of usage as required. You do not mean "female tenet". You do mean female tenant. Otherwise, excellent work.

  2. Thanks for the correction, I will make the necessary change.

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