Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Three Words On The Obama Legacy

     Great Presidents like Ronald Reagan leave to history a treasure trove of succinct and thoughtful quotes. Quotes that inspire, educate, and provoke thought and debate. Quotes that express some spark of jewel from the crown that is the founding values of this great nation. I challenge anyone to relay a great quote by our current president. For a man who uses more words to say anything than anyone else, Barack Obama has not produced one memorable quote for history. In fact, Barack Obama is as empty and vacuous now, after almost five years of being President, as he was in 2008 when he was originally campaigning for that position.
     My previous statements above not withstanding, Barack Obama will leave a legacy of words upon exiting the White House in January of 2017. The words of Barack Obama's presidential legacy will be discrimination, race, and intimidation.
     More than any other president in our history, Barack Obama has aimed to use the power of the federal government to discriminate against those that have, in favor of those who have not, in order to effect the fulfillment of some twisted Leftist distributive model for society. That word, discrimination, more than any other, defines the policies and actions of Barack Obama and the modern day Left. The discrimination based on a person's possessions is the cornerstone of wealth redistribution, and the modus operandi of the Obama regime.
     Mr. Obama's legacy will also include a healthy dose of the word race as a means of effecting societal change that places Leftists like himself in charge of everyone and everything. Barack Obama and his ilk see America's account with humankind to be in deficit from its past mistakes with race. And they see their mission as the self-appointed collectors who will make this country pay on an account that will never be satisfied in full. The Obama Left has used race to great effect in encouraging blacks to think of themselves as victims of this nation, and any opposition to keep silent out of fear of being labeled a racist.
     The third word of the Obama legacy is intimidation. Leftists like Barack Obama know that, stated honestly and forthrightly, their ideas and policies would not gain the support of the majority of Americans. So they must coerce and intimidate in order to get their agenda implemented. So President Obama, early in his presidency, sent community agitators to the homes of AIG executives as a warning to the financial services sector to cooperate with the meddling in their business of people in government who know nothing about their industry. This President also used the Internal Revenue Service to intimidate conservative groups away from practicing grassroots politics that may have removed Barack Obama from the White House in 2012. And, he publicly intimidated the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court into deciding in his favor on finding his signature health care law constitutional.
     Barack Obama will exit the White House in just over three years, never having blazed his oratory in the annals of great and inspiring words of history. But in addition to leaving this country with a severely obese federal government that must borrow almost forty percent of what it spends, Barack Obama will leave the American people with the bitter taste on their tongues of discrimination, race, and intimidation.  

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