Monday, November 11, 2013

How Did Health Care Insurance Become A Necessity ?

     Recent surveys have shown that health care insurance is the number one priority with a majority of Americans. This fact is a function of the Democrats imposing Leftist policies for the last half century which have exploded health care costs into the stratosphere of anxiety about experiencing even the most basic illnesses. It is also why President Obama's lie to the American people to sell his socialized medicine scheme, i.e., "If you like your current health insurance plan and doctor, you can keep them both. Period." is more important than any promise made by any modern day President. Health care is of such a personal nature to Americans that the President's lie was analogous to him  telling people, "If you like your current spouse, you can keep them." And then one morning a hundred million people awake to find their husband or wife gone.
     Of course, Barrack Obama and the Democrats in Congress promised a better spouse that would do more of the right things and fewer of the things that drove their other half crazy. And the new spouse would actually improve the individual's financial health. The best part is that everyone in the country would have a spouse that they could count on to make all their dreams come true. But the promise of keeping a spouse you like in my theoretical example, or your health care plan in the real world example with which we are currently suffering, vanishes like most promises of the big government, nanny-state that politicians like Barrack Obama keep trying to create out of free choice.
     The fact that Barrack Obama and his Lefty Lucys in Congress have been able to get as far as they have in destroying the best health care industry in the world that had an almost 90% satisfaction rate among its customers, is the result of decades of propaganda. Just in my lifetime, health care and health care insurance has gone from almost an afterthought in most families conscious daily lives, to an overwhelming concern. It has become so much of an obsession to many Americans that they feel they will die without health insurance because the care it covers is so onerous in cost that it would bankrupt the average family.
     Of course, most people reading this realize that the cost of health care has risen in direct relation to the amount of government intervention into that market over the last five decades. But that is exactly the modus operandi of the Left, i.e., convince people of a manufactured crisis in some area of life, propose government solutions to "fix" the crisis, and when the government "solutions" cause the cost of the thing to surpass most incomes' ability to comfortably afford it, step in with a full-blown government "system" to replace that which was not broke before the government intervened.
     The health care debacle, and the even bigger debacle of the eventual single-payer, government-run system towards which we seem to be careening, is illustrative of how Ronald Reagan once described Leftists. He said, "They see something moving and they tax it, if it keeps moving they regulate it, and if it stops moving they subsidize it." No greater insight into the ideology and mind of the Left has ever been so succinctly spoken as the preceding. I only wish for the sake of our health care and our liberty, this lesson would have become a quaint saying from the past instead of the governing principle which has replaced the Constitution in our modern American society. 

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