Monday, November 4, 2013

The Big Lie

    The delay by the Obama administration of the employer mandate for providing health care insurance for their employees, may appear to be a gift to business managers. It not only gives them a year  to remove the burdensome cost of expensive health care plans, but to increase their bottom lines by reducing employee work hours below the thirty hour threshold required by the law. But what some business managers may not understand as a result of using static analysis, is that under the laws of dynamic analysis, if there are fewer persons working full time, they will necessarily have less money to avail themselves of those businesses products and services.
     This flawed thinking by businesses illustrates the continued ignorance by many in this country of who and what Barrack Obama and the modern Democrat party really are. It also shows an ignorance of the Affordable Care Act's very deliberate nature to serve as the administration's license to change the rules of the game as it suits their radical Leftist agenda. Do these businesses not realize that President Obama will eliminate the employee work hour threshold once the law is fully implemented, placing an even more onerous burden on business? I can not, at this point, understand how anyone, especially those in business, are not acquainted with the very wide berth the law gives the President in making up the rules as he goes, and the ability to reverse himself as the mood strikes him. Just like some banana republic tin god.
     It is not the large crony capitalist businesses that will be hurt, but the millions of small to medium sized ones that do not have an "in" with the administration to receive some sort of carve-out or other protection from future regulations. And while there may be some dope-smoking, maggot-infested, tree-hugging Leftist on a commune somewhere who still believes that Barack Obama and the Democrat party are for the "little guy," the rest of us understand the bald and naked truth that Leftist policies always hurt the little guy the most. A case in point is Dodd/Frank, aka The Financial Reform Act. It not only wrote into law protections for the big banks, but its crushing weight of regulations, and the cost associated with them, has caused the closure of over a hundred small community banks.
     The ignorance of business, like the ignorance still studied by many average Americans, is illustrative of the authoritarian credo, "If you are going to lie, lie big, because no one will believe it to be a lie." Too many Americans, in business and in other walks of life, still labor under the false belief that President Obama and the modern Democrat party want a thriving economy that produces opportunities for everyone. And that their failed policies were nonetheless constructed with good intentions. Many have a hard time believing the truth that the ideology that drives President Obama and the Democrat party is one of dependence-creation and wealth-redistribution. It would behoove even the crony capitalists to learn this lesson. Once the greedy and rapacious monster of big government has squeezed the last bits of life from the "little guy,"  it will turn its hungry, soulless eyes towards them.

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