Friday, November 15, 2013

Health Care's Original Sin

     At this particular time, anyone who has not been in a coma, knows about President Obama's deliberate sin of misleading the American people about being able to keep their current health insurance plans once his socialized health care scheme was implemented. But there was a health care sin that preceded Mr. Obama's recent sin, and was just as devious and dishonest. The sin I am talking about is the one which Democrats used to precipitate the crafting and ramming through Congress of their government confiscation of one sixth of the private sector. It says that the health care industry was so badly broken that most Americans were just one illness away from financial ruin.
     The Democrats' analysis of the health care system was founded on half truths, victimization, and outright lies. I could never understand how a system could be so broken which had an 85-90% satisfaction rating among its customers, which in every poll for the last 20 years, the health insurance industry has enjoyed. Even President Obama understood this fact, otherwise, he would have had no reason to lie to people about keeping plans that, in the Democrats' estimation, people did not like.
     An additional aspect of health care's original sin, of which Democrats convinced many Americans, is that they were only one illness away from bankruptcy. The truth is that as of 2010, depending on the source you believe, the average hospital stay in the United States costs between 9 and 15 thousand dollars. Not exactly pocket change, but also not an insurmountable mountain of debt for the average American family. After all, these same Americans are not driven into financial ruin when they pay twenty to thirty thousand dollars for a new car, or spend ten thousand dollars on their child's sweet sixteen party.
     Is it not painfully obvious to most individuals that the cost of health care has risen in direct proportion to the amount of coverage Americans possess? So much so, that items like prescription drugs and office visits, which use to be paid out of pocket by the patient, have increased to a level that Americans refuse to pay for these items on their own. ObamaCare only exacerbates this condition with its mandates on minimum coverage requirements of health insurance policies. The President and others on the Left have even taken to calling policies that have recently cancelled because of the law, sub-standard. These plans were offered by the insurance companies and accepted by private individuals at an agreed upon price, it is called the moral contract of capitalism.
     I would not expect those on the Left like Barack Obama to understand moral contracts entered into by free individuals. For the Left there is no morality, excepting that which is imposed upon free people by big government. It is a morality based not on principle and conviction, but on the shifting sands of political advantage. It is a twisted, corrupt morality that seeks to imprison the free behind an iron curtain of government arrogance that only leaves pain in its wake of incompetence.   

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