Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Lefts Redefining Of Words

     I read a book in high school entitled, "Brave New World", by Aldous Huxley. The statists who controlled the society of a Brave New World had sanitized the language of all words they deemed "offensive". They even went so far as to outlaw certain thoughts that threatened the fragile fabric of their Utopian, statist society. I have been reminded again and again of this book in recent years with the enactment of hate crimes laws and the Lefts demonization of any idea that is anathema to the statist ideal they seek to impose on the rest of us.
    The latest reminder of "Brave New World" thinking has been the labeling of certain organizations as "Hate Groups" by those on the left, simply because these organizations have a different opinion on the definition of marriage. They lump groups such as Focus On the Family in with Neo-Nazis and the KKK. This is a favorite tactic of the left, especially when they know that their position is not the majority opinion in the country, and they have no substantive arguments to persuade people to their side. They seek to marginalize those with different opinions so that others are afraid to join them for fear of being labeled a "Hater".
     Sometimes the bastardization of words by the left takes the form of reducing the word's meaning in order to allow a favored group to avoid responsibility for their behavior. This redefining words is a close cousin to what the late Daniel Patrick Moynahan referred to as Defining Deviancy Down. However, where defining deviancy down is accepting more and more deviant behavior as normal, the Lefts word redefinition actually aims to remove deviancy from our language and culture altogether. Deviant behavior becomes, in the Leftist world, not defined down, as Mr. Moynahan suggested, but redefined out of existence. So children no longer engage in bad behavior, but are autistic, as a function of behavioral problems being reclassified as autism. And the deviancy of alcoholism and drug abuse have become the disease of addiction.
     The reason for the Lefts attempt to sanitize the culture of the concept of deviancy is that it implies an individual status, and as such, places responsibility to correct the deviancy squarely on the individual. As the Left has redefined words, they have at the same time reclassified unacceptable personal behavior as public health and welfare issues. Of course this results in a bigger role for a centralized government power to gobble up more individual rights as a function of providing a responsibility escape clause for those engaging in what use to be deviant behavior, but now has become excusable human affliction.

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