Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Latest In Barack Obama's Management Of Our Decline

     Since the late 1980s, a law has existed that resulted in the aftermath of the Libyan government-sponsored terrorist attack over Lockerbie, Scotland, which destroyed Pan Am flight 103 and killed almost 300 people in total. The law to which I allude prevents and restricts the immigration of Libyan nationals into the United States with the intent to study or work in the aeronautics industry. This law, which is a cog in the wheel of U.S. national security, is now being assaulted by the Obama administration.
     President Obama and his national security team wish to eliminated any and all restrictions on Libyan nationals immigrating to this country. The reason for the current administration's willingness to put the American people at risk in such a spectacular way is pure hubris. The Obama White House has deemed that it is more important for Americans to believe their actions in Libya have lead to a more tenable situation for the Libyan people and greater stability in the region as a whole, than it is for Americans to surmise that those actions have lead to a destabilization of the Middle East. One can not be sure if the President and his folks actually believe their own deception (sometimes people tell a lie so often they begin to believe it themselves) or if they simply desire that the American people believe it. Either way, out of ignorance or blatant deception, rescinding such an important national security measure could be risky to the continued safety and security of the homeland.
     This is not the first time that President Obama and the college fraternity he calls an administration has tried to pull a cuddly bunny out of the Libyan hat of turmoil and terrorism they helped in part to create. The Attack a little over a year ago that saw ambassador Stevens and three others senselessly murdered by terrorists, occurred as the Obama administration was trying to convince a wary public that the sows ear of the President's Libyan intervention was actually a beautiful silk purse of a democratic society. Hence the lack of security for American diplomats serving in Libya. But the truth is that not all is well in Libya. The people in control are Muslim Brotherhood devotees and children of Al Qaeda.
     The tip of this issue, like so many others, belies hundreds of feet of danger lurking just below the surface, waiting to cause havoc with the U.S. ship of state. Barack Obama's willingness to place this country's national security, fiscal security, and constitutional security at risk to fulfill his radically Leftist agenda never ceases to amaze me. Never has there been a President that has opened so many doors to our enemies, whether out of ignorance or blind devotion to a destructive ideology.
     This latest attempt to place the super power status of the United States on a level playing field with our enemies, comes on the heels of President Obama removing missile defense from Poland and Czechoslovakia, ignoring Iran's leaps towards becoming nuclear-tipped, allowing the Russians to bail out Bashar Al Assad in Syria, reducing our nuclear weapons arsenal by more than half, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and its splinter groups of terrorists controlling more of the strategically important Middle East, and on and on, almost ad infinitum. We ignore the deliberate attempt to manage America's decline by this President at our own risk, or worse yet, we accept as incompetence an ideologically driven strategy to place the United States on equal footing with those who are vehemently opposed to the values of liberty and freedom upon which this country was founded. 

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