Friday, November 8, 2013

Please Do Not Let It Be Christie !

     The voting booths in New Jersey hardly had a chance to cool down after Chris Christie's victory over his Democrat challenger, Barbara Buono, for that state's governor's mansion, when some were speculating that he would be the Republicant presidential nominee in 2016. I can understand those on the Left, in the main stream media and elsewhere, pushing Christie like they pushed John McCain in 2008, then once nominated, they slimmed him like any other Republicant candidate. Even Christie's boyfriend in the White House, who by the way called him with congratulations on the night of his victory, will join the Lefts onslaught when and if he becomes the nominee.
     Beyond the presidential hug and whirlwind date just days before last year's presidential election, there are real concerns for conservatives about Chris Christie. The man who once had the devotional teenage-like crush of Conservative stalwart Ann Coulter, has shown himself to be nothing more than a corked bat or a mirage for conservatives wandering aimlessly in the political desert. For all of Christie's bluster, New Jersey still has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and Christie is dead last among Republicant governors in leading their states to brighter economic skies. And then there is his pro-gun control stance and his support for carbon credits to solve the non-existent scam of global warming. Stop me when I get to something which makes Chris Christie a Conservative and worthy of the attention and support of the Conservative base in the 2016 presidential election.
     If there are still Conservatives who have a death wish to support Christie, consider that prior to becoming governor of New Jersey he was, at one time, a lobbyist whose clients included the biggest purveyor of the Ponzi scheme other than the federal government, Bernie Madoff.  And while he gained a special place in some Conservatives' hearts for standing toe-to-toe with the unions in his state, it is not unheard of for Democrats to do the same thing in desperate financial situations. And then there is his criticism of Conservatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz for their unwavering support of the conservative principles upon which this great nation was founded and built.
     For those still not convinced of Mr. Christie's inappropriateness for Conservative support for president, just remember that Mitt Romney vetted Chris Christie twice and decided that he would not garner enough support in a national election. No one wanted to win the presidency more than Mitt, not to mention that no one achieves the level in business that he did without being a good judge of character. I still believe in my heart that Mr. Christie's behavior after super storm Sandy was in some part motivated by his desire to payback Mitt Romney for not choosing him as a running mate. And in my opinion that is exactly the kind of petty thug politics Conservatives should be looking to eliminate from the White House beginning in January of 2017.

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