Thursday, November 7, 2013

ObamaCare Lie Illustrative Of Lefts Expiration Date On Truth

     As a child my mother taught me that a lie will eventually catch up with the liar and cause havoc in his life. This theory does not seem to apply to Barrack Obama, a man who is religiously dedicated to dishonesty and throughout his life has been rewarded for it with positions he does not warrant through accomplishment or hard work, but has acquired with lies and moral corruption. The President's current foray into falsehood is the lie that he used in marketing his signature legislation, ObamaCare. Barrack Obama, being limited by the usual definition of lie, created a new category of lie called the meta-lie, which is a lie about a lie.
     Mr. Obama's original lie was that under his health care law, persons wishing to keep their current insurance plans and doctors, could do so. He made this statement dozens of times, occasionally adding the verbal "period" after it. When someone adds the word, "period" after a statement it means that the preceding statement stands without qualification. The President recently told the meta-lie that he qualified his previous statement by saying that Americans could only keep their current plan if the insurance provider did not change the plan after the law was implemented. Of course, regulations were written into the law that required insurers to change many current plans, essentially cancelling the policies of millions of Americans.
     As President Obama and his executioners of freedom sat at the table of big government and carved up liberty and stuffed their disgusting jowls of tyranny with its flesh, the American people refused to divest themselves of the lie. The Obama administration was able to perpetuate the biggest con in history because the American people wanted so badly to believe the con. They wanted to believe that their policies and doctors were not going to change, that they would save $2500 a year per family, and that millions who were currently uninsured would magically be covered and receive services from a system that was reducing its supply of doctors by 60,000 more a year than was graduating from medical schools.
     Barrack Obama and the modern Democrat party exhibit the behaviors of every other Leftist throughout history. They believe that truth only exists in the present, that it has no past and no future and it gains validation only from their words spoken today. Barrack Obama's hubris informs him that there is no virtue of probity except that which he gives it through his current statements. Another old adage I learned as a child is that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Tyrants, con men, and Democrats have prospered personally by convincing the masses of just the opposite. The American people who still harbor a belief in something for nothing, do so not only at the risk of destroying the greatest health care delivery system in the world, but to the detriment and destruction of liberty itself.

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