Friday, November 22, 2013

The Kennedy Assasination And The Lefts Denial

     Living in denial is the true mark of a committed Leftist. As this truism relates to the Kennedy assassination, it is a two for one. Those on the Left have lied to themselves over the decades that John F. Kennedy was some sort of a standard bearer for the modern day Left, and that his assassination, though committed by one of their own, was really the work of those on the Right. Neither of these assertions by the Left have the slightest bit of validity to bring to the reality party. But then, when it comes to valid reality, most Leftists run screaming in the opposite direction.
   Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, thirty fifth President of the United States of America. President Kennedy, a Democrat, would today be more comfortable and find a more suitable home in the Republicant party. John Kennedy believed in a strong national defense, fewer handouts to non-producers, and cutting taxes. All things that are kryptonite to the modern Democrat party. Not only would John Kennedy be a Republicant, but he would most likely take up residence in the Ted Cruz wing of the party. He certainly would not be in the John McCain/Lindsey Graham cabal.
     It has always fascinated me how all the conspiracy theories about President Kennedy's assassination have originated from the Left, many of the earlier ones being funded by the KGB of the old Soviet Union. We now know this for a fact because of the books written by former KGB agents after the fall of the Soviet Union. The reason for the attempted deception of conspiracy theories has always been quite obvious to me, Lee Harvey Oswald was a known communist and Leftist love communism with as much vigor as they hate conservatism. To accept that a Left-winger killed John Kennedy is an unacceptable reality to Leftists who rewrite history to suit their own agenda. So conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination are a two-fold attempt to exonerate the communist, Lee Harvey Oswald, while at the same time blaming the Right for his despicable act.
     And so on this fiftieth anniversary of Lee Harvey Oswald, a Left-winger, assassinating a president, who would be more conservative than half the Republicants currently serving in congress, the Left-wing media will attempt their best to rewrite the history of that awful day to somehow blame the Right for the actions of one of their own. Be prepared for the tortured twists in which the media will engage for the purpose of perpetuating the denial with which all Leftists cloak themselves in order to mindlessly practice their ideology.

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