Monday, November 25, 2013

The Iranian Rope-A-Dope Snares Obama Administration

     Over this past weekend the United States, under the fecklessness of Secretary of State John Kerry and the "international community," reached a deal with Iran on its nuclear program. And while the ignorant diplomats living in their own little world patted each other on the back, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seemed to be the only world leader with his feet firmly planted in reality when he called the deal a "historic mistake." His comments were not just hyperbole in as much as Iran has expressed nothing but contempt for Israel, who would likely be the first target of Iranian nukes.
     The "deal" allows Iran to keep enriching uranium while enjoying relief from the sanctions that have been having a deleterious effect on their economy. Prime Minister Netanyahu characterized the deal reached in Geneva as, "cosmetic steps that Iran can easily reverse in a few weeks." But John Kerry, Barack Obama, and the rest of the intellectual elites of the "world community," have placed their own diplomatic hubris above the facts on the ground in Iran.
     The Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, who is the supreme leader of Iran, may be evil but he is not stupid. The sanctions were severely limiting his ability to fund his nuclear program and so he installed  Hassan Rouhani as Iranian president. Rouhani is a cleric that the Ayatollah has convinced the "world community" is a moderate. The Iranian rope-a-dope worked flawlessly, but then when it comes to John Kerry and Barack Obama, it was not exactly a herculean task. While the self-congratulatory elites were swilling the wine of their own ignorance, the Ayatollah must have been guarded in his success being so easy.
     The most amazingly obtuse part of the Obama administration with regards to the Iranian deal is that they actually touted inspections as the mechanism for preventing Iran from violating the agreement. Have these glittering jewels of colossal ignorance learned nothing from the ineffectiveness of United Nations inspectors in Iraq in the 1990s, and their inability since then to find their own butts with both hands? Not to mention the foreign policy impotence they have displayed throughout the world from North Korea to Syria and beyond.
     A spokesman for Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that if a nuclear briefcase bomb is detonated somewhere in the world five years from now, it will have its roots in this "deal." A sobering thought for everyone but the Obama administration, still intoxicated by the poisonous highball of their own incompetence and ignorance.

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