Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ObamaCare's Assault On Free Speech

     The Obama administration's health care strategy of burying commercial health insurers in so many regulations that they can no longer continue to provide their product, is like firemen setting your house on fire and then stepping in to save the day. For those having the courage to accept the truth, and the ears to hear President Obama's own words on the subject, a single-payer system was the desired goal from the beginning. Remember the public option? Well, regulating insurers out of business and chasing doctors and other medical professionals out of medicine has hastened the public option as the only option, therefore transforming it from an option into a mandate.
     The motivation of Barack Obama and the rest of his Obama-bots is political power and control over the lives of individuals. But a healthy chunk of their motivation for ruining the best health care industry in the world is that they hate the free enterprise system and the free market. Barack Obama and his Alinsky-ites realize that when put in a competition with the free market, their big government policies lose every time. So they work to eliminate the free market by using the unconstitutional power of the centralized government. They do not believe in big government over the private sector because they think it is better, but because through its mitigation of individual liberty, it is better for them. Additionally, it is Leftist arrogance that allows them to believe that they can run peoples lives better than individuals operating in the free market.
     An illustrative example of the Lefts hatred for the free market and the individuals who operate within it, is a not often talked about aspect of the ObamaCare law that limits the free speech of doctors. Health care professionals providing health information to patients in the form of seminars are no longer able to give those patients the benefit of their knowledge and experience, but must follow a very strict slide presentation created by the bureaucrats at the Food and Drug Administration. This intellectual oppression by the Obama administration is analogous to book burning engaged in by tyrants and authoritarians of the twentieth century. It is statists outlawing intellectual property that is not approved by their tangled web of bureaucracy.
     Why would the administration limit the speech of doctors giving information to patients? Partly, it is that in their hubris state they think they know more than doctors who have decades of experience and continuing education, and partly it is their irrational hatred of the free market. They have restricted doctors' speech to prevent them from mentioning the products of pharmaceutical companies. This is analogous to preventing painters from recommending a particular paint, a mechanic from recommending a brand of tires, or brokers from favoring one stock over another. This is the society of Auldous Huxley's Brave New World, where even thoughts must be approved by the central planners in control of the society and culture. It is a world we have entered, not kicking and screaming, but willingly, over the preceding five decades. It is the world that we traded in our liberty for, and only now have realized that we have been taken. It is a world that could only exist with the willing consent of We The People.

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