Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Prescription For Lasting Peace

     There is nothing new that I can say in analysis of the Israeli/Hamas conflict currently reaching a violent crescendo in the Middle East, and the corollary ignorance on the Left in the main stream media, the Obama administration, and elsewhere. If ever there was an opportunity for moral clarity and a vigorous certitude of good and evil to be understood by anyone with even a modicum of decency, it is the violence perpetrated by Hamas against the Jews for the expressed purpose of killing as many as possible, and the defensive response by the nation of Israel which is committed to peace.
     And where is the official United States government response on the continuum of decency and morality to the conflict? Well it is just barely above that of the soulless, feckless, and anti-Semitic United Nations. Those committed to the soulless religion of Leftism like Barack Obama and his bumbling clown-like Secretary of State John Kerry believe that true peace comes, not at the tip of the victor's sword, but from the tip of their own duplicitous and snake-like tongues. The former proposition is born out by many millennia of history, the latter has been proven by that same history to end in abject failure.
     The reason that a cease fire strategy is bound for the ash heap of history's greatest failures is that it solves nothing. Hamas will still be unyielding in their commitment to their charter which calls for the destruction of Israel, and Israel will be committed to its survival and the ultimate peace of the region. There is no compromise that can be had between such diametrically opposed goals. But the hubris of the Left to believe in the power of their words to magically reconcile good and evil without the former defeating the latter militarily, is not only foolhardy, but a threat to the lasting peace that such a battle would produce.
     The reasons to believe in the goodness of Israel and the evilness of Hamas has its roots in the last seventy years of history. From the time that Israel occupied statehood in the modern era beginning in 1948, their persecutors have refused to allow them to live in peace. The million Palestinian refugees that the Left blames on the Jews were created when Arab armies invaded Israel and forced those refugees out. Since then it has been Israel that has made concessions to peace, like in 2005 when they forcibly removed their own people from the Gaza Strip, leaving it completely free of Jews. Yet to this day, Hamas claims that Israel "occupies" the Gaza Strip.
     What is my solution to the conflict? The world should support Israel in their attempt to remove the thorn that is Hamas, not only from their own paw, but for the benefit of all mankind. And why should the world side with Israel? Because it is the right thing to do, and is the function of morality and decency. Two things which are glaringly foreign to the ethos of Leftism. 

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