Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Millionaire President

     The bowel movement that is the lurch towards the Left in this country over the last 40 years has been responsible for a disgusting smudge placed on the Constitution, obscuring the enumerated powers of the federal government. It is hard to believe that in slightly over two hundred years we have been transformed from a country capable of producing men like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to lead us, to burping up the current occupant of the White House who could not lead a pack of wild, hungry dogs with fresh raw meat.
     Within a decade of leaving office, Thomas Jefferson was selling his 6500 book collection to the Library of Congress because he needed the cash, and the Library needed the books, having lost most of their material in the burning of Washington by the British during the War of 1812. Today Mr. Jefferson could, as a former president, rent himself out at a million dollars a speech like some sort of intellectual U-Haul truck. But men of Jefferson's ilk had too much rectitude to think that their mere presence was worth the equivalent of twenty times the median income of their fellow citizens.
     Which brings me to our current president, who by all accounts has failed miserably to reach any of his stated goals. He said unemployment would dip under six percent by the end of his first term, it did not, and still has not half way through his second term. He said the other nations of the world would respect and love the U.S. under his leadership, our allies have given up looking for our leadership and our enemies...well they have not stopped laughing long enough to tell us how they feel. He said that health care would become less expensive under his take over of that industry, deductibles and premiums have grown beyond the ability of many Americans to pay them. He said he would be a post-partisan, post-racial president, but he has ignored and derided his political enemies, many times using race as a blunt instrument to beat free speech into submission.
     When this pitiful excuse for a president leaves office in a couple of years, he will suck up millions in speaking fees for having left the country almost 20 trillion dollars in debt, the lowest percentage of workers participating in the work force in half a century, and a people crushed under the weight of an obese federal government that has feasted on a high calorie and high fat diet of regulations and bureaucracy. This is the modus operandi of the Left, i.e. reward for failure, whether it is individuals making bad choices in their own lives, or it is a president that has turned a vigorous and healthy constitution into a feeble and groping entity on the edge of extinction.
    Men like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would be anachronisms if they were alive today. For this is the age of the weakness of entitlement over the strength of character. An age of political correctness over free speech. It is an age of the profanity of spin over the holiness of truth, and the mitigation of evil over the exultation of good. This is the age of failure snatching reward from the jaws of success, and the veneration of men not worthy of it. It is the age of the millionaire president, and the pauper citizen that must grovel at his feet even for the God-given rights of liberty guaranteed by the founding documents of a once great and free nation.  


  1. Awesome blog.
    Some of the best thoughts on today's state of affairs.

    Thank u

  2. Thank you for reading and for the kind words. Sorry it took me so long to respond.