Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Success Of Obama Nation

     In the interim between the time that Barack Obama was elected president in November of 2008, and when he was inaugurated in January of 2009, conservative radio talk show pioneer, Rush Limbaugh said he hope the newly elected executive would fail. Those on the Left with more larceny in their hearts than love of the truth, deliberately misinterpreted Mr. Limbaugh's statement to mean he hoped the country would fail just to sabotage the first black president. They, like everyone else who heard Rush's comment, knew that he, like many conservatives, felt that President Obama's successful implementation of his agenda would mean failure for the country.
     Once again Rush was right. President Obama's success in manipulating monetary policy through his marionettes at the Federal Reserve in order to reward his Wall Street campaign donors with a market infusion of over three trillion dollars, has insured failure for the Average American trying to participate in the economy. President Obama's success in raising health insurance rates and deductibles into the stratosphere and essentially reducing the work week of millions of Americans to under thirty hours, and his successful public intimidation of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America to twist himself and the law into a pretzel to give ObamaCare the undeserved status of "constitutional," has caused a failure in what was the best health care industry in the world.
      President Obama's successful creation of a regulatory state to replace a thriving free market, has insured failure for the 95 million Americans who are now without full time employment. President Obama's success in expanding the food stamp program, nearly doubling it in 5 years, has caused a failure in the American people to see hope springing eternal from this once great country. President Obama's economic policies producing chronically high unemployment, the lowest labor force participation in almost forty years, and Gross Domestic Product growth at or near historic lows, has lead to a failure in the self-reliance that built this country, and has insured increased dependence on government.
     Whether one agrees with Rush Limbaugh or not, it can not be denied that he has used constitutional consistency for the better part of thirty years when putting forth his analysis. Many of his contemporaries on Right-Wing radio have not been so consistent. They run the gambit from the scared moderates like Michael Medved, who still defends the President as only incompetent, to Glen Beck who began Barack Obama's first term saying he was giving him a hundred percent approval rating, then jumping on the conservative band wagon only after others paved the way in criticizing the president. Then there are those on talk radio who think that broadcast excellence comes wrapped in a package of invectives aim at other hosts, as Michael Savage does.
     The success that Barack Obama has had in remaking America has been exemplified by the recent border crisis. Many on the Right still believe that the invasion of our Southern border is borne of President Obama's incompetence, and not his deliberate attempt to grow government at the same time he grows the Democrat party voter base. Barack Obama has been wildly successful in implementing his agenda, while convincing his political opponents on the Right that he is merely in over his head. This is what success for Barack Obama looks like, it is why that lone voice cried through the hysteria of an "historic" election to say, "I hope he fails."

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