Friday, July 18, 2014

Barack Obama's Southern Strategy

     During the 1960s, Democrats were playing the same race card that dominates their political strategy today. They accused Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater of having some secret "Southern Strategy" that appealed to racists in the South. As per usual, Democrats never presented any evidence for their charge, and none was required by minority voters who were more than willing to accept the word of a political party that had a long history of displaying racism. It was a ridiculous charge on its face considering that Richard Nixon was the father of Affirmative Action through his Philadelphia Project, and was the first major white politician of either party to meet with the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.
     Unlike the Democrats charge of a Southern Strategy attached to Richard Nixon, Barack Obama's Southern Strategy is blatant, palpable, and real. Only the South President Obama is courting is South America, and the many Democrat-Voters-In-Waiting that live there. The numbers are worrisome; one in six Hondurans and one in five El Salvadorians that existed in those countries twenty years ago are now residing in the United States, some legally, but many illegally.
     Some, even on the Right, still refuse to believe that the current invasion of the children's crusade on the Southern U.S. border is part and parcel to President Obama's agenda. Even with the evidence staring them in the face like a rabid dog ready to attack. The very impetus for the current invasion was the Executive Order Mr. Obama signed in 2012 allowing for illegal alien minors to stay in the United States.
     Additional evidence of a planned "crisis" was the hiring by the administration of transport and logistic personnel as far back as the beginning of this year, months before the supposed "crisis" began. The issuing of debit cards to the over 300 thousand illegals that have crossed the border since April, most of them adults, many of them gang members, is further proof of a deliberate erasing of the border by the Obama administration. And finally, the multi-year lease the Obama administration signed with a resort to house current and future border crashers is evidentiary of an administration that does not intend on stemming the flow of illegal aliens any time soon.
     The importation of Democrat voters from South America is ancillary to the tenets of Liberation Theology that Barack Obama studied for twenty years in Reverend Wright's "church." The real goal of President Obama's Southern Strategy is to return what he sees as America's ill-gotten wealth to the peoples he sees as the victims of an imperialistic America. And that is the real sin of Barack Obama; he is unable to understand that America has added to the world, not subtracted. And that the enormous advancement in the human condition driven by the United States of America has come as a result of our founding being an exception to anything that came before or since.      

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