Wednesday, July 16, 2014

American Mobster

     There are some things that happen in the course of American life that makes one scratch one's head in wonder at the corrupt behavior that appears to be legal for certain groups in and out of government. Two such examples is the 300 million dollars that the organized crime syndicate known as the AFL-CIO is dedicating to defeating five Republican governors this Fall. The other is the 94 million dollar "fine" being paid by Cleveland Brown's Owner Jimmy Haslam for allegedly corrupt activity in which his Pilot/Flying J truck stops engaged.
     The whole idea that some Americans are forced to join unions and pay dues as a condition of their employment is completely against the principles and values that the founders fought so hard to ensure. But for those dues to then be laundered to the Democrat party by way of defeating Republican office holders, is beyond the pale of American rectitude. It is a legalized protection racket where those who fund the criminal activities of the mob, in this case the union, have no choice whether they contribute or not.
     The "fine" paid by Jimmy Haslam, as well as the recent fine paid by Citigroup to the tune of $7 billion, is the traditional mob "shakedown," only in these instances practiced by the Department of Justice. Godfather Eric Holderini has promised no prosecution in exchange for the blood money being paid by these companies. If there is wrong doing, prosecute, if not, then leave them alone. To require millions, and in some cases, billions of dollars be paid in "fines" to government agencies in exchange for "protection" from prosecution, is the highest form of lawlessness.
     If a tracking device could be placed on each dollar of "fines" paid to federal agencies, it would be interesting to see how many of those dollars wind up in Democrat campaign coffers. The money is laundered through programs and bureaucracies ostensibly created for a purpose with which no one could argue, like civil rights or helping children. But the criminal practices in these programs run the gambit from hiring political allies at outrageous salaries and benefits, to funding "events" which in all reality are Democrat campaign get-out-the-vote functions.
     The use of union dues for political purposes, and the fining of organizations by federal agencies in exchange for protection from prosecution, are two outrageously criminal enterprises that should not exist in a free country founded under the Rule Of Law. These lawless activities diminish the probity of this great country and enervate the very fabric of our morality.

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