Saturday, July 19, 2014

Feminism: The Scam Of Leftist Men

     Many of those now proffering the phony War On Women supposedly being waged by Republicans and Conservatives, were prattled at the knee of the 1960s feminist movement. A movement that promised to free women from...well free them from being women. Because to the Left being a woman meant slavery, not complimenting men in ways that lead to a better society for everyone.
     The real aim of the 1960s feminist movement was not so much about freeing women as it was about freeing Leftist men. Freeing them from the responsibility of the families they create, because the government would support their children by confiscating other people's money who had no part in creating them. Freeing them from having to treat women with respect and honor, because the feminist were instructing new generations of women that free love meant guilt-free sex. Not so beneficial for women, but very beneficial for the Leftist men who came up with the idea of inculcating the sex drive of men in women.
     The male of the species being exonerated from the responsibility of their breeding, and for the outcome of that breeding, has been the linchpin of the modern feminist movement. It has destroyed the fabric of manhood in this country and has encouraged single-motherhood. All for the purpose of increasing dependence on government and Leftist programs.
     When one listens to the War On Women babble from the Left, it all centers around contraception, as if women only have one body part, and their entire beings are dedicated to it. There is nothing in the War On Women rhetoric about economic issues or foreign policy issues, or any issue not related directly to women's vaginas. So not only is the Lefts characterization of the Rights position on birth control a complete myth, but even if true, their monolithic view of women being centered on this one issue is worse.
     The reason that the Left has been driven to such extreme lies about this issue is because of Republican's true position on it, i.e. that birth control should not be paid for with taxpayer dollars. The Lefts entire industry is geared toward government using its taxing authority to confiscate money from taxpayers in order to relieve the burden of personal responsibility from as many different groups of Americans as possible. The Rights message of the freeing power of individualism is a grave threat  to the Lefts continued existence. The more free people do for themselves, the less they need, want, or desire the big government programs of the Left.
     Feminism has not only been one of the best ways for Leftist men to satisfy their lusts with the full cooperation and participation of women, but it has had the added benefit of creating more single-motherhood, which in turn creates more dependency on government. Not only dependence by the single mothers, but the children they raise who are much more likely to draw on government services as they enter adulthood than those raised in two-parent traditional homes. So by creating the subterfuge of feminism, Leftist men have insured their ravenous political appetite as well as their physical one.

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