Tuesday, July 29, 2014

George Will's Support For The Obama Wealth Redistribution Program

     The de facto scribe for the Washington establishment, George Will, stated over the weekend that we should distribute the "children" currently breaching our Southern border throughout the country, placing 20 in each county. Beyond Mr. Will's naiveté in believing that most of these children are "eight year old criminals with Teddy bears," is the fact that his numbers do not add up. Maybe demographic arithmetic is not a subject in George's wheelhouse, we already can surmise from his Teddy bear statement that being intellectually tethered to reality certainly is not.
     Primary to the ridiculousness of Mr. Will's comments on the current illegal alien invasion on the Southern border of the United States of America, is the fact that less than twenty percent of those that have breached our borders since this past April have been children. Unless of course you classify children as being anyone up to and including the age of twenty six, as the administration has done through the Affordable Care Act. The percentage of actual illegal alien children being dumped at the border as a direct result of Obama policy, is miniscule compared to the number of adults making the trek.
     Of the actual children, defined as those persons under the age of 18, more than three quarters are teenagers, according to the border patrol. These teenagers are capable of violent crimes as a function of their common matriculation into gangs like MS-13. And contrary to what George Will would have us believe, gang members do not carry Teddy bears. But they do carry disease, mental illness, and a predilection to engage in violent crime.
      George Will's statement, either deliberately or by design, misses the fact that the twenty "children" every county would be compelled by the force of law to welcome with open arms, and open checkbooks, will grow into hundreds or even thousands twenty years hence. The increase will be insured not only through others pouring over our open borders, but by those already here having children, all of which the taxpayers must support.
     Mr. Will made the point that we can surely absorb these poor, innocent, Teddy bear carrying "children" into our national family. That may well be true. But the issue that is missed by those who have been distracted by the phony refugee status of these "children," is the fact that a country without strictly enforced borders can hardly expect to maintain its sovereignty. Those on the Left, and those like George Will who swerve into it from time to time, are adamant about the United States butting out of other nations' affairs, except of course when it comes to receiving with open arms their citizens who have crashed our borders illegally in order to participate in the Obama Wealth Redistribution Program. And those on the Right like Mr. Will have unwittingly become supporters of this program, not out of compassion, but because the Republican establishment has bought into the myth that support for open borders will lead them to electoral victory.


  1. No one mentions the fact that these children, if permitted to stay could legally bring their families into the States without a waiting period. That would raise the 90 thousand souls exponentially. How stupid are these people who are concerned about these children? Do they have no empathy for our own citizens. Jobs are scarce, schools are in financial problems and our Hospitals, thanks to Obama care are going to be in trouble. A country that disregards the rule of law descends into chaos. That is where we are headed.

  2. I can not argue with what you have said, it is all true. It seems that the Left has infected the population with emotion over common sense and intellect.