Friday, July 25, 2014

The Communist Plot Of Single Motherhood

     There are few things that have contributed to the downfall of our culture, and the meteoric growth in the size of government, than the explosion of out-of-wedlock births over the last half century. Back then, before the War On PovertyThe Great Society, and even government run health care, out-of-wedlock births clocked in under ten percent of all births in the general population, and barely occupied a place in the teens for inner city blacks. Today, the general out-of-wedlock birth rate is 43 percent and a whopping 72 percent for inner city blacks.
     While demographers and social "scientists" pontificate on the causes for the lack of children being born to two parent traditional homes (the most optimum method for insuring responsible contributing members of society) those who have created this seismic shift in our culture are rubbing their hands together with glee. It has been no accident that the rise in out-of-wedlock births has been accompanied by an expansion in government.
     The modus operandi of the Left over the last fifty years, through entertainment, media, and education has been to place the desires of adults over the needs of their children. Hence the no fault divorce laws, the redefinition of marriage away from its prime directive to raise responsible children to just a union between any two persons who love each other, and the outright veneration of single motherhood. The feminization of the American male and the enervation of fatherhood has been in fulfillment of the communist manifesto that centered around destroying the family to increase dependence on an all-powerful centralized government.
     The Left has released all restraints on government in order to place them on individuals for the expressed purpose of unmaking the founding of this great nation. And the deliberate and methodical destruction of the traditional family has been the centerpiece of that unmaking. A corollary to the destruction of the family is that of the communities in which they use to reside. When one belongs to a strong traditional family, one is less likely to engage in anti-social behavior for fear that that family will be ostracized from the community. It is this sense of community, and the individual family's role in that community, along with the role of religious organizations, that were the threads which wove the moral fabric of our nation.
     The communists knew three quarters of a century ago that if America's strong families could be compromised, America as a beacon of freedom to the world could be destroyed. Arguably there would not have been a President Obama if there were not an over-abundance of single mothers to vote for his big government policies. The proliferation of big government programs walks hand-in-hand with the scarcity of liberty. It is a cycle that begins with the redefinition of family and ends with the redefinition of freedom. A cycle that sadly is in its final stages in a country that was built upon, and owes its successes to, the culture of the traditional family. 

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