Monday, July 21, 2014

How The Left Defines Success

     The expectation for success in Leftist public policy is analogous to a man trying to commit suicide by sitting in his electric car with the garage door closed. Program after program, at great expense to hard working taxpayers, has failed miserably, and yet Democrats and others on the Left continue to engage in an almost rabid support for said programs. For example, just a few years ago a federal government study showed that the Head Start program, that costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year, has shown no evidence of being the least bit successful. Yet Democrats scream bloody murder whenever Republicans try to fight growing the program even bigger. 
     The relationship between Democrats and unsuccessful programs is similar to that of a welfare mother to her offspring; it matters little if they work, the goal is to receive taxpayer funding for them. This strict religious adherence to growing the budget every year, and borrowing money to do so, is the most sacred and revered sacrament of Leftists like Barack Obama and the modern Democrat party.
     The utter failure of the Head Start program is replicated on a daily basis by the federal government because of the simple fact that government, and the bureaucracy it creates, is the least efficacious way in which to accomplish any meaningful success in the arena of public policy. The reason is simple; bureaucracy and bureaucrats see cracks in the human condition as key ways to greater funding, not as opportunities to improve that condition. I submit the Veterans Administration debacle that has recently come to light as evidence for my argument. But it is by no means an isolated failure of the big government model of the Left. And the Lefts support of bigger and bigger government is dichotomous to their utter fear of the same growth in private enterprises.
     The recent outcome of a study completed by the Inspector General responsible for analyzing the Affordable Care Act, has revealed that the ObamaCare website is so completely incompetent in tracking who has received subsidies and who has not, and the metrics used to determine the health insurance subsidies, that the Inspector General's office has estimated that upwards of four million Americans have received unwarranted subsidies. The colossal failure of ObamaCare has not only damaged the quality of care received by American patients, but has raised costs on premiums and deductibles to a level that has and will cripple economic activity.
     The utter obtuseness as it relates to the failure of their programs exists on the Left because they measure success by the percentage of the overall economy government occupies, and the control that gives those in government who dole out taxpayer dollars to groups and individuals they deem worthy of the fruits of other people's labor. The Lefts greatest sin against the Constitution is its hubris in thinking they can cram the square peg of socialism into the round hole of history and somehow create a better society than what once existed in this country as a direct result of the tenets of limited government set forth in our founding documents.     

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