Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Top Five Stupid Things Leftists Believe

     Following is a collection of five "truths" that Leftists hold near and dear to their political hearts. This is by no means meant to be a complete list, just the ideological claptrap of the Left that I believe is the most damning to the culture of liberty. They are born of inconsistencies of logic and blatant ignorance of historical facts and economic data.
     1) There shall be no limit on government to compel business to provide salary and benefits to their employees. Ask any Leftist if government should be empowered to limit the benefits and salary that private enterprises give their employees, and they would say no. However, those same Leftists have no problem empowering government to compel private enterprises to provide ever more generous benefits to those in their employ. Hence the minimum wage, health care, family leave, etc.
     2) Poverty creates wealth. Leftists talk about taxing the wealthy to make things more "fair," as if the wealthy became so by stealing from the poor. This bit of nonsense assumes that the impoverished in this country and throughout the world had wealth at one time, and that nefarious rich people swindled them out of it. Part and parcel to this belief is the idea that the process of government confiscating wealth from those who have it and filtering it through bureaucracy, will magically make the poor wealthier. This belief ignores the simple but prescient statement by Abraham Lincoln that "a man can not build his own house by tearing down his neighbors."
     3) Upon entering into a business venture, a person not only loses his Constitutional rights, but his humanity as well. This argument is buttressed by the Lefts statement that corporations are not people. Which completely dehumanizes those who constitute a business, while at the same time forbidding them from participating in the principles of liberty outlined in this country's founding documents. Hence, according to the Left, businesses are allowed to make public pronouncements when advertising their products, but should be forbidden from such statements that posses the very political views that our constitution protects.
     4) Government is the mother of invention, not necessity. This belief is the impetus behind the corrupt practice on the Left, made into an art form by Barack Obama, of using taxpayer money to fund "green" energy companies that are operated by political donors of the president. This practice ignores the history of invention which almost entirely sprouted from the private sector of the American free market economy. It is also one of the ways in which the Left confiscates money from private hands, ostensibly for the "greater good."
     5) Minority status automatically imputes a moral superiority. This belief of Leftists can be seen in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, where those on the Left support the much more militarily weak, and smaller population of the Hamas-lead Palestinians over the much stronger and more firmly planted on moral high ground Israelis. But this belief is also played out on a daily basis in the United States with the Lefts assumption that the "little guy" occupies the moral high ground by virtue of being smaller and weaker. This morally inverted theory applies to labor vs. management, poor vs. rich, and the infirmed vs. the healthy.
     As previously stated, these five beliefs of the Left are not meant to encompass the whole of polluted thinking by those who subscribe to the very flawed ideology that currently has its bony, twisted fingers around the throat of liberty upon which this country was founded. But they do, I believe, illuminate for the reader the basic misconception that colors the world view of those who blindly follow the destructive force of the Leftist ethos. 

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