Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Real War On Women

     The Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision, which reinforced the Constitution of the United States' first amendment right to the freedom of religious conscience, has driven those on the Left completely insane. And the thing that really sticks in their crawl is that a majority of the Justices actually saw fit to judge an action based on constitutional principles instead of the "social justice" that the Left thinks is more enlightened.
     Contrary to what Democrats and other Leftists are whining through clenched teeth of indignation about, the Supreme Court's decision does not eliminate birth control choices for women. It only says that no one, not even a corporation, can be forced by the heavy hand of government to pay for types of contraception which violate their religious conscience.
     Hobby Lobby already provides a very generous maternity package for their employees, and even with this decision, they will still be providing 16 different kinds of contraceptives for women in their employ who wish to use them. Only four forms will not be paid for by Hobby Lobby, but can be purchased by the women themselves. Therein lies the rub, the Left is not so much about availability of birth control, but funding for it by someone other than the user.
     Since the 1960s, the  Left has proffered the notion of "free love," by which they actually mean "freeloading love." The object of the exercise for the Left has always been to remove personal responsibility and replace it with taxpayer-funded safety nets that they control. The very last thing the Left wants is individuals making their own decisions and being responsible for the results of those choices. It is why communism, whether in the Soviet Union or the communes of the 1960s, never worked. Human beings are motivated and enlightened by individual failure and success, not by having those basic instincts placed into a communal caldron where they become diluted and useless.
     There is also an additional factor involved in eliminating responsibility, and it comes from the very base instincts of Leftist men. The more they can convince women to be like men with regards to satisfying their primal sexual urges, the better it is for Leftist men who really only want sex without consequences for themselves. Leftist men have convinced women to abandon their virtue, not to set the women free, but to enslave them in the men's desire for sex without consequence.  
      The real "War On Women" has been conducted by the Left with their insistence that women are not resourceful enough to pay for their own contraception. The Left has reduced women to the biology of their genitals, and they have painted them all with the narrow brush of this one issue. This is how Democrats and the Left dehumanize people with identity politics. When they look at the people of the United States they see voting blocks that can be manipulated into voting Democrat by appealing to a single issue affecting each group. This political tactic by the Left has balkanized the United States and conservatives and Republicans must find ways to appeal to the spirit of liberty that naturally dwells within all humans.  

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