Friday, July 11, 2014

The Lefts "Withdraw Strategy"

     The Left, in defending their anti-military position, often uses the tired and worn refrain that America "can not be the world's policemen." Fair enough, but if one accepts that side of the equation then one must also accept the side that says America "can not be the world's social worker." If America is to withdraw from the world, it must do so on providing financial support with as much gusto as the Left shows in wanting to withdraw militarily. If the latter is a sign of imperialism, then so is the former.
     The recent Obama Illegal Immigrant Child Dump program on our Southern border is a glaring example of the Left wanting to impose their will on peoples of other countries, even if that imposition comes sans military intervention. It is the height of hypocrisy for those who advocate for an American military withdraw from world affairs, and also advocate for dispersing 50,000 illegal immigrant children throughout the country with God-Knows-Who as guardians. I can just imagine families throughout South America preparing their hash tag campaigns on twitter holding up placards that read, "#KeepOurChildrenAndFeedAndEducateThem."
     There is no greater hypocrisy than that of the Left, saying out one side of their mouths that the United States has been a bully throughout the world, while at the same time out of the other side suggesting just the kind of bullying they say they abhor. The Lefts bullying does not only affect peoples of other nations, but also those of the United States. There is no bigger bullying tactic than to impose illegal immigrants on the nation for the sake of "compassion."
     The American Left has had a long history of bullying the rest of the world. The most glaring example is of course the global warming scam, which they, through the United Nation, have forced other nations to submit to at the cost of economic growth and prosperity. But the Lefts bullying goes back even further than that. It was environmental Leftists at the Environmental Protection Agency, in contradiction to a federal judge's ruling and hard data, that banned the use of DDT. This resulted in the rest of the world following suit, and it is why malaria is a problem in Africa today when it had previously been eradicated thanks to that miracle chemical.   
     The Lefts hypocrisy informs them that America should only withdraw from world events where it can actually bring liberty to the oppressed, as the United States military has had a long tradition of doing. Instead they opt for meddling in the affairs of other nations, and the citizens of their own country, when it is to impose their twisted sense of morality born of the demon seed of their politics. Hence they have no compunction about using taxpayer money to feed, house, and cloth illegal immigrants, and disperse them among the U.S. population to deal with, instead of doing the right thing and sending them back to their families in their countries of origin.      
     Second only to the fact that Leftist policies engender oppression rather than liberty, the hypocrisy illustrated by their "withdraw strategy" is clearly evidentiary of a morally bankrupt and irrational ideology.

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