Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence From Exceptionalism Is Lefts Goal

     It is befitting on this Independence Day that every American stop and appreciate the truly unique exception of this great country. Our current president, Barack Obama, showed his ignorance early in his first term when he stated that America is exceptional like every other country in the world thinks it is exceptional. The complete lack of historical perspective and lack of understanding about our founding that resides in this statement is not surprising for a man who does not believe in American exceptionalism.
    Barack Obama, after all was weaned on hatred for America in his formative years by the admitted communist, Frank Marshall Davis, and Barack's own grandfather, Stanley Dunham. He then proceeded to ingest the hateful rhetoric of Saul Alinsky, who developed his Rules For Radicals at the knee of Al Capone and the Chicago mobs of the 1920s. Young Mr. Alinsky was enamored with the power of mob bosses who used words and violence to intimidate and bully people into not opposing them.
     The American exceptionalism which alludes Barack Obama and others on the Left does not spring from its people being better or different from other peoples of the world. It has grown for the last 240 years from its founding documents, especially its constitution, which unequivocally pronounces that the rights of free people come from God, and not government. It has been this very basic, yet essential tenet that has allowed the United States to become not only the greatest force for good in the world, but the only nation in the history of mankind that has advanced the human condition to heights never experienced before.
     The Lefts indoctrination of our younger generation to advocate for communism is frightening. Especially when one considers that that ideology was responsible for well over 100 million deaths in the 20th century, between Mao in China, Stalin in the Soviet Union, and the thousands killed by Che Quevera and Fidel Castro in Cuba, as well as North Korea and elsewhere. These were innocent people who died opposing communism. There has never been one death attributable to anyone opposing freedom. In fact if one were to put an imaginary fence around each country and then open the gates, the question to ask in each case is whether people run into or out of said country. In the United States people have always wanted in, no one has risked life and limb to escape America.
     So on this Independence Day I wish for all of you the continued blessings of liberty, for our country a return to perspicacious leadership dedicated to the founding principles, and for the world a stronger and freer America that once again shines as a beacon of hope, freedom, and rectitude.

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