Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Costco Removes America From Stores

     I am saying good-bye to my 7 year relationship with Costco, cutting up my card and mailing it back to them. I will miss the snacks, the lower prices on items from mouth wash to raisins. I will miss the clean stores and friendly and efficient employees. I will miss my weekly trip to Costco, but some things are just more important than getting a good price on a gross of sandwich bags.
     I had always known that Costco had a slight lean to the Left, this being obvious from their monthly magazine they mail to all their members. A magazine in which they push the radical "green" agenda, among other Leftist sacraments. But I ignored it because of the great price I was getting on frozen blueberries. But no more, Costco in the person of their founder, James Sinegal, has made my membership in the wholesale club a bridge too far.
     Mr. Sinegal ordered Dinesh D' Souza's book, America: Imagine the world without her, to be removed from sale in all his stores. His stated reason was that he was being a good Liberal by protecting his president. This pseudo book burning by the Left is nothing new, they often engage in keeping opposing viewpoints from public consumption because of their fear of them. The truth about this country's past does not support the group think of the Left, and it violates the tenets of their indefensible ideology.
     James Sinegal, like many Leftists in big business, have no great principled reason for supporting the glaringly failed presidency of Barack Obama, other than the ill-gotten gains of crony capitalism. Like all crony capitalists, Mr. Sinegal has benefitted his mega company with his cozy relationship with those in government, while advocating for policies that he knows would hurt his smaller competitors.
     The Affordable Care Act is one example of Mr. Sinegal's hypocrisy. He publically supported the new health care law while lobbying for and receiving one of the many exemptions handed out by the Obama administration like candy to compliant children. Knowing full well that the law would be a huge burden on his much smaller competitors, costing some of them their very businesses, Mr. Sinegal's support for the law was intended to give Costco the unfair advantage of government connections eliminating his smaller competitors.
     James Sinegal's removal of Dinesh D' Souza's book from his stores was a cowardly act practiced much too often by those on the Left because of a lack of courage in their convictions to stand against opposing views. Mr. Sinegal, as well as others on the Left, do not understand that truth exists outside the bounds of political battlefields. They see it as a malleable substance that can be molded, twisted, and shaped into whatever supports their political agenda at any given moment. This is the reason that Mr. Sinegal allows unionization of only certain locations and certain job descriptions within his company. He, like many in business, pay lip service to Leftist principles as a means of purchasing immunity from the normal demonization and criticism of big business by the Left.
     So good-bye Costco, I unlike you, have principles that gnaw at my conscience and inform me that the higher values that formed this great nation, like freedom of speech and open debate, are more important than getting a year's supply of toothpaste at a discount. Let it be known that by removing America from your stores, Mr. Sinegal, you have also removed at least this one American from them as well.


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