Saturday, July 12, 2014

P.J. O'Rourke And Others Wrong About Younger Generation

     Some of those on the political Right, such as P.J. O'Rourke, have mollified the sting over the cultural defeat the Right has suffered over the last couple of decades by advancing the theory that today's young have become so disillusioned with Washington politics that they will be more conservative in their politics than their parents generation. This theory depends on two very big assumptions. One, that the growing ineptness of the federal government will be blamed on Democrats, and two, that disillusionment with government somehow translates into the disillusioned practicing conservatism as a remedy for their disillusion.
     The fact that Democrats have control of the White House and the Senate, and had control of the House of Representatives the first two years of the Obama presidency, means nothing. What is important to the younger generation is the culture, which has influenced politics in the last 20 years like at no other time in our nation's history. And that culture, comprised of news media, entertainment media, education, and even sports, has carried the message to young people that Republicans and conservatives are responsible for all the societal angst under which the United States is currently suffering.
     Another data point that makes it unlikely that the young will start voting Republican is the support they have shown for Libertarians like the Pauls and others. Conversion of Leftist youths to Libertarians does not mean automatic votes for Republicans. It does, however, mean Republican-syphoning votes for Libertarian candidates. P.J. O' Rourke, et, al are correct that the recent lurch to the Left may produce a rubber band effect and snap the younger generation in  the opposite direction. But there is evidence to suggest that they will overshoot the small government of republicanism and propel their politics into the land of no government libertarianism.
     Meanwhile, as per usual, the Republican leadership in Washington sows their seeds of electoral victory firmly in the toxic ground of amnesty for illegal aliens. They have been told, by their political opponents no less, that they must support illegal immigration in the form of "comprehensive reform" to sway Hispanic voters from Democrats. So how stupid do Democrats think we are, I will tell you how stupid, it looks as though the establishment Republican types are plowing ahead on amnesty, even though with the invasion currently on our border it would be a perfect time for them to be talking security first.
     The younger generation may turn more conservative in how they live their lives, but they will never relate those values to a week and ineffectual Republican party. In fact they may continue voting Democrat just because they see them as the strong horse, and thereby worthy of following. Or they may support third party candidates or become so disillusioned that they do not vote at all. I just do not see them flocking to the Republican party, unless the Republican party stands for something different than the Democrats.

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