Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Illegal Immigration And Reckless Compassion

     Anyone who has not spent the last few months in a bunker three miles under the earth's service with no radio or cable TV, is aware of the 52,000 unaccompanied illegal children from Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala that have journeyed up to a thousand miles to breech a border that has been so enervated by the Obama administration that...well unaccompanied children could sneak across it. Now we have also been told by way of a crowing Left Wing Media Complex that almost another 250,000 adult illegal immigrants have come across the border since April of this year.
      These 300,00 are only the ones that were caught or gave themselves up to border security. In the case of the children, who are being released into the custody of anyone who claims to be a relative, many may end up being condemned to working in the sex-slave market. This is the result of the Left and the Obama administration's "compassion." As per usual, the Left's "compassion" is severely suspect in its origins, and anything but compassionate for its intended targets.
     Another interesting aspect of the Obama Illegal Child Dump program is that many of these children were ferried over our border by coyotes, who are Mexican mercenaries who sneak across the U.S. border those looking for a better life, many times ending up cooked in a hot cargo van. My question is, "Who paid the coyotes for their services rendered in relation to these children?" We know that coyotes are not looking for humanitarian awards, they want cold hard cash for their "services." I have to wonder with everything else that this administration has done to pay lip service to the Rule Of Law, while at the same time grinding it into dog food in the basement of the White House, if some taxpayer money did not end up in coyotes' pockets.
     The obvious maneuver of overwhelming the systems of government in order to justify more government to compensate, is a classic of Marxist tyrants of the last hundred years. Mr. Obama is engaging one of the oldest tricks in the book for consolidating power in the central government. He has requested two billion dollars to fund his "compassion," and that is only seed money. More, a lot more, I am sure, will be forthcoming over the next few months.
     The Left in this country has tried to take control by appealing to the people's compassion. But   compassion practiced with reckless abandon always leads to the mitigation, and eventual elimination of liberty. This is why James Madison, Father of the Constitution, stated that there is no compassion in the Constitution. In order for free people to remain free it is essential that any compassion be exercised by the people, and not the government. Compassion consolidated in the hands of government leads only to tyranny because it involves the immoral act of funding said compassion with other people's money.
     The most compassionate outcome for these children would be for the United States to send them back to their families in their countries of origin. It would send a clear message to others that the trip to the U.S. border is not worth the struggle. It would also be the most compassionate thing for the tax-paying citizens of the United States who would have to end up supporting these kids. It is odd how the Left seems to have compassion for everyone but the U.S. taxpayer who ultimately pays for the implementation of that compassion.

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