Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Self-Marginalized Right

     It is fairly common knowledge, or at least it should be 6 years into Barack Obama's term as president, that he has for most of his adult life been a disciple of the gangster/community organizer Saul Alinsky. Furthermore, it should not be a surprise to anyone that has had their ear to the rail of politics in this country for at least part of the last few years, to understand that marginalizing your political opposition is the cornerstone of the modern day edifice of community organizing built upon the unholy foundation of Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.
    Barack Obama has been very successful implementing the marginalization tactic that Mr. Alinsky learned at the knee of Al Capone, and has added to it a racial component that has increased its abilities with a population that has been weaned on white guilt and black victim hood for the better part of the last 40 years. But Mr. Obama has had the added benefit over Mr. Alinsky in so much as he has had a portion of his opposition engage in self-marginalization.
    You may have run across these persons on social media and elsewhere, the ones that swear the practice of local police departments buying armored vehicles is not a function of facing more well-equipped criminals, but a prelude to the Obama administration imposing marshal law on the citizens. Additionally, there are the bullet paranoids, who have marginalized themselves by turning an industry shortage of bullets in some parts of the country into a conspiracy on the part of the Obama administration to keep citizens with guns unable to purchase ammo for those guns.
     This has existed practically ever since there has been people upon the earth. I call it the Delusion of the Irrelevant. Those who feel they have no control over the aspects of their lives they do not like, must then impute blame for those aspects to some sinister force, usually government or rich people. It is the process of transforming themselves from irrelevant to relevant, which takes the form of superiority over those ignorant masses that do not know or do not agree with their paranoid, conspiratorial conclusions.
     Another form of self-marginalization that has recently become popular is the insistent impeachment syndrome. These are persons on the Right, like Sarah Palin, who have as much chance of impeaching this president as the proverbial snowball rolling through hell has of remaining intact, and yet they continue to marginalize themselves and harm their political cause. Mr. Obama is indeed fortunate to have such foolhardy political opponents.
     If the political Right in this country is ever going to have a prayer of wrestling the reigns of power away from the destructive Left, we must stop marginalizing ourselves with our support for conspiracy theories and bad political strategies that are bound to fail. We have better ideas, ideas that have a proven track record of being successful. We must concentrate our political energies on articulating those ideas and winning over converts to the cause of liberty, free markets, and common sense.

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