Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sarah, I Love Ya, But You Are Wrong On Impeachment

     I respect and admire Sarah Palin a great deal for her fidelity to the principles and values prescribed by the founding documents of this great country. I have also watched her with great veneration for her political ability in articulating those values. That is why I have grown very solicitous lately with her insistence that congressional Republicans begin impeachment proceedings against President Obama. Not because I think there are no violations by this president that rise to the legal definition of impeachment, but because as it has been stated, impeachment is not so much a legal remedy as it is a political one.
     There just is not the political support among the population of American citizens to travel the road of impeachment with wild-eyed Republicans hoping to accomplish God knows what with an effort that is guaranteed for failure. The House of Representatives leadership must draw up articles of impeachment that must then be supported by a majority of House members. So far, so good. The Republicans control the House with a comfortable majority. But then those articles of impeachment must then be prosecuted by the Senate, which even under Republican control, would need a two-thirds majority vote of support to impeach. If that miracle somehow happened, then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America would have to agree to hear the charges and decide in favor of impeachment.
     We already know that Chief Justice Roberts has no stomach to mitigate the agenda of the first black president, let alone impeach and remove him from office. Even attempting an Article 5 impeachment would require so much time to get implemented in every state, that Barack Obama will be long gone from office before the state legislatures could vote on impeachment. And even if they could do the deed before he left office, the proponents of impeachment would need three-quarters of the state legislatures to support their position in order for them to succeed. Considering that just over forty percent of the state legislatures are Democrat, and assuming that the rest voted for impeachment, there would still not be enough support to impeach the president.
     An impeachment movement against President Obama would be a political disaster for Republicans and a civic one for the country. Barack Obama, who is failing in popularity, would recover his lost support through a Republican impeachment attempt. The process would end in defeat for the impeachers, while garnering the president a lifeline out of the sea of political disaster in which he is currently drowning. Impeachment would have the added benefit to the president of allowing him to claim the congress is not working for the American people, but for their own partisan agenda.
     With the border crisis, the economic crisis, the unemployment crisis, the foreign policy crisis, the budget crisis, and the entitlement crisis, impeachment should not even be on Republicans' radar. Sarah Palin has been right about so many issues, she was bound to swing and miss on one sooner or later, and impeachment is that issue. Hers and Republicans energy would be better spent articulating conservative principles that will save the Republic, rather than trying to impeach a president that will be out of office in a couple of years anyway. The real fight is not with Barack Obama, but with the ideology of Leftism, which is what really needs to be impeached and removed from the American culture.

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